• Sapphire Sistahs Women's Healing Circle
    with Jacqueline E. Oselen

    Jackie invites you to enter a sacred space where women like you are supported through a life-affirming journey of healing in spirit, mind, and body with self-love and self-compassion at the core of the experience. 

    Sapphire Sistahs Women's Healing Circle
    DATES: January 26th, February 9th, and March 8th
    WHAT: A sacred community of women who gather in a love-infused circle to share a heart-to-heart connection with others, with self, and with Spirit. The mandala or "sacred circle" is an expression of unity, balance, and centeredness.

    WHO: Women of all ages, backgrounds & experiences desiring freedom, restoration & wholeness 

    WHY: Because we’re broken & wounded and need a safe, loving space in which to be vulnerable and to heal. 

    You will experience nurturing self-care rituals, restorative yoga, self-reflection, mindfulness practices i.e. journaling and meditation, and healing arts therapies that nurture spirit, mind & body.



    Attire: Comfortable, yoga/fitness attire; bring a pair of socks

    What are my parking options for getting to and from the event?

    Your Inner Yogi studio is located on 2nd Street between Madison & Court, across the street from Court Square. Street parking is available on Madison or Court. There is also a nearby parking lot at the corner of Court & 3rd St. If you park on court, walk to the corner of 2nd & Court, turn left and walk 1 block to the studio. If you park on Madison, walk to the coener of 2nd & Madison, turn right and walk about a 1/4 block to the studio. There will be a sidewalk Your Inner Yogi sign in front of the entrance.

    How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

    Via cell at (901) 281-7585 or email at sapphireheals@gmail.com

    What's the refund policy?

    Refunds are not available. However, you can transfer your registration to one of the other Summer Soul Care dates OR gift it to another Sista. Contact the organizer to coordinate. Contact the organizer to coordinate.

    Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

    No it is not neccesary to bring it. Save the paper.

    Can I update my registration information?

    Yes, return to your event registration and edit the information there. Contact the organizer if you have further questions.

    Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

    Yes, contact the organizer to coordinate.

  • Yoga and Visualization
    with Kandace Stewart

    Yoga and Visualization for the New Year !!!

    Time is so valuable, we should all make the most of it.  If you want 2020 to be your year you need to design it, guide it and be ready and willing to work for it. It’s time to write that action plan and move forward fearlessly.

    In this workshop, we will start with breathwork, meditation, and physical practice.  We will then create a vision board that you can take with you to have as a constant reminder to help visualize your desires for a happy, healthy, prosperous 2020. 

    The investment for this workshop is $25. *Please note that pre-registration is required for this workshop. 

    What we won’t be doing:

    Making New Year’s Resolutions.

    Too often, we end up discouraged when we make resolutions and don’t fully meet all of our expectations. We set unrealistic goals with no plan or blueprint in hand and start out of the gate full of energy and confidence. After a few weeks, if the new habits didn’t stick, or things get in the way our ideas can quickly become completely forgotten and that can be discouraging.

    Instead of doing that this year, we will create a Vision Board to showcase what you want for the future!

    What to bring:

    A yoga mat, a journal and water. If you’re crafty and would like to bring your own supplies feel free to do so!!! This board will be yours to take home and display as you’d like!

    We will provide:

    · Poster Board

    · Scissors

    · Markers

    · Pens, Pencils, Colored Pencils.

    · Stencils, Stickers, Ribbon

    · Glue Sticks

    · Magazines

    We’ll visualize what we want our 2019 to look like using photos, keywords and quotes. You will leave with that visual representation to use as a blueprint to keep your intention for the New Year within sight.

    Date: January 18, 2019, 3pm-5pm, Investment $25