7:30 PM
Guided Meditation
1 hour with Hamilton Smith
Starting Thursday July 11th YIY Guided Community Meditation Class Join Hamilton and Doris each and every Thursday for guided breath work and meditation with a mixture of seated and walking suitable for all level meditators. Through meditation you could tap into your subconscious, remove dis-ease, discover creativity, abundance, better health and more. Time: 7:15p-8:15p Fee: Donations Encouraged Attire: Comfortable clothing for seating What to bring: The studio has some, but you could also bring your own, meditation pillow, blanket, and anything else that you feel would help you personalize your space for comfort. Learn more about your guides Hamilton and Doris.  Hamilton Smith: A 30 year meditator, mostly in the DC area, Hamilton knows the joy of having a resilient and grounded group of friends that meet and meditate regularly. His hope and intention is to help grow such a group here as well as to share some of the things he’s learned that help develop that grounded-ness and resilience. Doris Littlefield: Doris, has a genuine care about the health, healing and productivity of others. After a battle with Graves Disease she discovered the healing benefits of Functional Medicine, Meditation, Breathing, and Significance of Self Love! “When I’ve shared myself with excessive people and places, the moment I choose private time and go within not only does balance, and calmness appear but answers too.” A background in Education, Health, and Certified Yoga Teacher from Your Inner Yogi.