• Misty Aucoin

    Misty, a certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach, walked into her first yoga class in 2019 and immediately fell in love with the practice; not only did it provide much-needed physical benefits, it brought calm and self-reflection into her very busy life. She enrolled in YIY’s teacher training to expand her understanding and deepen her practice and became certified in 2020. Misty takes a holistic approach to health and fitness, incorporating body, mind, and spirit, and loves that everyone has the ability to practice yoga. 

  • Jessica Reeves

    Jessica has been practicing yoga for well over a decade. She finds it to be one of the essential keys to maintaining her focus and balance. The gifts of yoga became illuminated for her after she attended a workshop with Yogarupa Rod Stryker. Since then, she has continued to train and reset by traveling to yoga workshops and retreats. Her adventures have included travels to the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA, 8 limbs Yoga in Seattle, WA, UP Yoga in Minneapolis, MN, Samadhi Yoga in Denver, CO, Yoga Tree in Tokyo, JP, and Santosha Yoga Retreat Center in the French Pyrenees. Her travels have also included day trips (Yes, day trips) to attend workshops in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

    Though yoga has provided and abundant opportunities for movement and discovery, it is the stillness that brings Jessica back to the mat.

    Jessica became certified to practice yoga in 2015 the emPower School of Yoga (now known as Baptiste Power Yoga Nashville)

    In 2018, Jessica completed an additional training with Your Inner Yogi in Memphis, TN, which provided a more balanced approach to her teaching style.

    Jessica is finding it an honor and privilege to share the gift of yoga.

  • Joy Nelson

    Joy has been practicing yoga for sixteen years.  A back injury brought her to the discipline.  She began practicing at a studio close to work for thirty days in preparation for a back procedure in 2016.  After her job in a stressful corporate environment was eliminated she decided to pursue a meaningful way of helping people and enrolled in yoga teacher training at Dwi Pada Yoga School in 2017.  She has been teaching since December 2017 and loving every minute of it.

  • Hamilton Smith

    A 30 year meditator, mostly in the DC area, Hamilton knows the joy of having a resilient and grounded group of friends that meet and meditate regularly. His hope and intention is to help grow such a group here as well as to share some of the things he’s learned that help develop that grounded-ness and resilience.

  • Kim McGee
    Kim has always been passionate about fitness, so yoga has been a natural transition for her. She began practicing yoga to supplement other workouts, but as Kim has evolved, so have her reasons for practicing. Kim came to understand the benefits and the impact of yoga beyond the physical practice and began to see it more holistically, providing mental and spiritual nourishment as well. Yoga has made such a difference in Kim's life, that she realized the need to share her practice with others. She likes to use lessons on the mat to teach people lessons about life off the mat: to be kind to themselves, to be content with who they are and that life is about progress not perfection. 
  • Libby Campo

    Introduced to yoga in 2007, Libby Campo came to the belief that everyone can benefit from the powers of yoga on and off their mats. Her personal practice evolved over the years such that now it has become a daily ritual of mindfulness and kindness that permeates both her personal and professional lives. In 2012, Campo studied yoga at the University of Memphis under Pat Fielder and became a certified yoga teacher, studying under Amy Morse in 2015. Upon graduating, she opened Your Inner Yogi studio in Downtown Memphis to be a resource for anyone interested in discovering the art of yoga. Libby has since studied Ashtanga Vinyasa with the world-renowned Gregg Tebb and earned additional certificates in Yin Yoga with Kelly Seitz, Restorative Yoga with Stacey Beth Shulman, Yoga Nidra with Dr. Nick Atlas and currently earning her Yoga Therapist certification.

    Off her mat, Libby Campo has devoted much of her professional life to helping others build self-confidence and awareness in the Human Services field, serving families and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The core facets of her experience and education in Organizational Leadership and Behavioral Sciences led to work in a field that improves the mental health and personal well-being of others. Her enthusiasm for her work presented an opportunity for her to seek other ways to help improve the quality of their lives.

     Yogi, professional and mother of three, Libby has learned that less is more and has observed the impacts of society leading us to push ourselves beyond our limits. She believes that slowing down and connecting with our breath is essential, and that we all have a place on our mats, no matter one’s age or fitness level.

  • Kandace Stewart

    Kandace has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. As a dancer trained in classical ballet, hip hop, modern, tap, jazz, competitive cheer and pom, when she graduated from Law School she was looking for a way to fulfill her need to move fluidly and walked into a yoga studio and signed up for a class. She fell in love with yoga and the positive effect that it had both on her body and her mind. That led to a desire to deepen her practice, so in 2014 she trained for her certification at Midtown Yoga and graduated from the 200 hour YTT program in December 2014. As an avid runner, Kandace’s Vinyasa practice is often tailored for runners and athletes. She has found that the practice of yoga helps with both breathing and recovery. Her classes are appropriate for practitioners of all levels and she encourages everyone to focus on their own mat and listen to their body.

  • Eric Surber

    Eric Surber started practicing yoga in 2000. He is black belt in Budo Taijutsu and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Eric is passionate about movement and fitness. AcroYoga, Ashtanga, dance, and vinyasa are some of his passions. He studied Clubbell Yoga finding it to be a bridge between strength and flexibly. He is currently taking his 200 hr yoga Teacher training with DwiPada Yoga. Eric has a PhD in Chemistry from the university of Arizona.

  • Bridget Sisney

    "Aspiring to Inspire." This motto has been Bridget's driving force for more than 7 years as she has used education, Ayurvedic yoga, and holistic wellness to align her many passions to serve the world. As a life-long lover of dance, Bridget naturally saw yoga as an art form that allowed her to use movement to express herself. With a Biology background, Bridget immediately fell in love with Ayurveda, seeing it as the perfect integration of her passion for life on a molecular level. As a proud educator in the public school system, Bridget was able to share her love with elementary and middle school students as a Science and Yoga Wellness teacher. She has expanded her impact in education by joining staff at Teach for America-Memphis, where she currently coaches and manages STEM teachers promoting wellness in both the lives of her teachers and their students. Bridget's classes are creatively woven together incorporating strength and flexibility, with an intentional awareness on the breath to provide all practitioners with maximum benefits for their lives. She intentionally crafts classes to meet the multi-dimensional needs of the body, spirit, and nature. Bridget's services are dedicated to empowering and equipping children, women, and their communities with the necessary tools to live holistically well lives. Yoga, Education, Ayurveda, and Love are the resources in which she uses to inspire.

  • Caroline Collins

    Caroline wandered aimlessly into a yoga studio in 2008 while finishing her undergraduate studies in New Orleans. It wasn’t her first time on her mat (she’d been to one yoga class at age twelve), but it was certainly a new experience. She wasn’t sure if she liked it at first – paying attention to her breath wasn’t something she did at all, much less for ninety minute stints while moving and sweating. But she felt something new that she couldn’t put her finger on, so she decided to go back and explore it. Each time on her mat Caroline began to discover that the “feeling” she was experiencing was freedom. She fell in love with yoga for teaching her how to set intentions while letting go of expectations, and how to consciously use her breath to build a calm and strong body and mind. Caroline is now a resident of Memphis and completed 200-hour teacher training through Life Power Yoga, an Ashtanga Vinyasa based program. Caroline currently teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa short-form and Vinyasa. She enjoys using curated music playlists to create a “soundtrack” for each class that encourages students to let go and flow to the beat of their own breath.

  • Ambrielle Sanders

    Ambrielle attends the University of Memphis as a Health & Human Performance Major under Exercise & Sports Science to pursue Physical Therapy. She is devoted to educating the community about the benefits and importance that physical activity along with healthy nutrition promotes in an individual.

  • Ebony Moore

    Ebony began her yoga journey in 2016 when she was introduced to hot yoga. Initially, Ebony's sole purpose of practicing was to lose weight, then she discovered more benefits than she could imagine. Most that, Yoga strengthens your body& mind, and helps find peace in the midst of a busy lifestyle. She loved it so much that she completed Yoga Teacher training to share the power of yoga with her community, and the world. Ebony's mission is to lovingly empower others to awaken and transform through yoga.


  • Gene Williams

    Gene Williams is a Certified Yoga-Pilates Instructor/Certified Personal Trainer/Nutritional Counselor with over 10 years experience in changing lives through the practices of yoga and Pilates.His journey with yoga started in 2005. He weighed 327lbs, and had a laundry list of injuries from years of playing sports and improper weight lifting. One year later, he was down 130+ lbs, and haven't looked back since! Let him help you on your journey! 

  • Jacqueline E. Oselen

    Jacqueline’s foundation as a holistic health practitioner is grounded in the body’s ability to heal itself.   As a light, healer and guide she believes that alignment of spirit, mind and body results in the “whole” being experiencing abundant living.   

    She began her personal yoga experience in 2006 when she drifted into a morning class at the Mason YMCA in Memphis, TN.  Her twice weekly practice put her on an evolutionary path of self-discovery beyond what she would have ever imagined.  Jacqueline’s yoga practice enhanced her spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship and faith and cultivated an awareness of her capacity to make powerful, life-affirming choices. This transformative journey fostered a burning desire to share the gift of yoga with others which lead her to explore teacher training options.  In September 2011, she completed a 200-hr teacher training with Yoga Alliance.   Through divine providence, Jacqueline began her teaching career the following month when she inherited her teacher/mentor’s weekly class.  Becoming immersed in the culture of Caritas (latin – love of humankind) Village where the class was held shaped Jacqueline’s value of inclusivity and non-judgement as a teacher and informed her intention to create a welcoming community that fosters acceptance, healing and support by “meeting on the mat” for a yoga practice. 

    In response to her students’ desire for stress relief and relaxation, Jacqueline focuses her teaching gift on restorative yoga as a gentle, therapeutic tool for neutralizing common stressors and countering the impact of trauma.  She is energized by gathering women for healing circles that cultivate self-care as a sacred ritual for enhancing quality of life and overall well-being. 


    Jacqueline cultivates growth as a teacher through her personal practice of yoga & mindfulness practices and a commitment to life-long learning & connection to other teachers .  To enhance her scope as a holistic practitioner, she is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Health & Wellness Coaching with a concentration in herbal studies. 

     This mother of three sons Jeremy, Frederick and Joshua is an optimist, foodie, nature-lover, visionary and wine enthusiast.
  • Jessica Lewis

    Jessica has been a yoga instructor for two years. Formally trained in Ashtanga yoga. Jessica is currently pursuing her Associates degree at Southwest TN Community College. She believes that by increasing breath awareness, strength and flexibility in our mind and body through yoga, we can achieve a better awareness in ourselves and improve our way of living. Jessica has recently started to actively pursue her dream with us here at YIY.

  • Pat Fielder

    Over 40 years of teaching Yoga with deep Love & Compassion

    Fifty years of yoga both on and off the mat has resulted in good health and peace of mind for Pat. The characteristic of yoga that has influenced Fielder greatly was learning to calm and quiet her mind. Pat’s joy has been teaching others this wonderful science of physical health and mental well-being.

    Pat began taking yoga classes in 1966, and by 1972, she was taking instruction from Eve Diskin of the American Institute of Yoga to become a yoga teacher. Over the years she has taught yoga for the YMCA, given private lessons, and instructed groups of students suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Pat taught Yoga for University of Memphis Continuing Education over several years and continues to be a yoga instructor at the University of Memphis School of Health Studies. She also teaches three days a week at the Unity Church of Practical Christianity. Pat’s teachings focus on pranayama (breathing) techniques and Hatha yoga.

    She has sought to live by the philosophy of yoga, sharing her practice with her family, children, grandchildren, and great grandchild.  Fielder is excited to join Libby and her team at Your Inner Yogi studio, facilitating other yoga disciples to inspire students to become effective yoga teachers.